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Dicks Sporting goods Reviews

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  • Terrible Customer Service

    I placed an order on line on January 4, 2017. All four of the items I ordered were in stock and I received confirmation of such. On January 10, 2017, I only received 3 out of the 4 items and so I went online to see where the 4th item was. Initially, it said it was “Processing” but I later found out by going online that the balance of my order was “Cancelled” by someone at Dick’s. When I looked online again for the item, I could see that the particular size and color that I originally ordered was now “out of stock”. What was curious is that I never... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    nomore2000's Picture   nomore2000    0 Comments   Comments
  • Online Ordering Experience Unsatisfactory

    Received an online email blast offering $20 off a $100 purchase. Local store out of stock on size needed so decided to order online. Keen Mens Sandals were 79.99 in State College store. 99.99 on website. But with $20 off same price...Online sales person said sandals were not eligible for $20 coupon since they were under $100 but I could add on to the order to bring it up to $100. Unacceptable one cent away from $100 - asked for supervisor. After waiting on hold....authorized the coupon. Upon check out, I used a Dicks Gift Card and a Visa Card. I was then told the $20 discount would... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Glorie's Picture   Glorie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dicks in mays landing NJ.

    I went there several times to look at rifles.....I had my firearm card each time. After several weeks of research I decided on the one I wanted. I go there to purchase ....after several minutes the manager frank tells me he can't sell me rifle. I am baffled...... He tells me it's because my middle initial is not on my firearms card....are you kidding me?? It's from a police station...it has all my identifying information.....my finger print.......all nj licenses have the middle initial ...that's not my fault.....it was so messed up.....I told him I've wasted time... More...
    Madatdicks's Picture   Madatdicks    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not trustworthey

    I received an email from Dicks sporting goods about their sale. On Dec 21st I ordered Air Lebron Black Red slider (flip flops). Received and order number and invoice stating my order is in process. I kept checking my emails to see when the order would ship, it kept saying order in process, So I called and they said order is in process. Today Dec 29th I received and email saying my order was cancelled. I picked up the phone and called Dicks. The CS rep said the pricing on the sliders was incorrect so they could not ship the order. It took them nine days to figure that out! She put me on... More...
    lostcust's Picture   lostcust    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cancelled order difficulties

    My wife and I were looking at treadmills for 2014 Christmas for ourselves. We went into our local Dick's store to look at the treadmills and test the feel. The first time in the store, we tried to find someone to help us and had difficulty. We were told the person over this department would be with us shortly. After 10 minutes, we went over to another person to check on what was going on, he rudely said, I will be with you in a minute. We got angry at the nasty way he responded so we left. We decided to give Dick's another chance as we had pretty much decided on the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Tazzmanian12's Picture   Tazzmanian12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dicks Sporting Good liars

    I called before going into Dicks regarding a exercise bike and if they offered price match. I was told yes and drove 20 minutes to the store to order bike and show my add Sears vs Dicks. I got to the store and I go into the fitness area where two gentleman that work are discussing something. One turns to help me I show him my add and tell him the name of the person I spoke to over the phone about price match. They tell me sure they do they go in the back to do I don't know what and comes back to tell me the reason the other company equipment is cheaper (same item) but not giving me... More...
    ldh1211's Picture   ldh1211    0 Comments   Comments
  • operations associate

    Dicks had a help wanted add for operations associate on their web site full time which was a big lie, a mere 20/30 hrs a week in the bangor maine store. It was completely miss leading offered vacation,dental,401k ect. what a joke another big box store avoiding paying people what they are worth. If you are lucky you might get 8.00 dollars an hr. good luck to the honest working people who think they are getting a good job. they do not get good reviews from former employees and current employees! More...
    carlmott70's Picture   carlmott70    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    Just read thru other dissatisfied Dick's customers that were also looking for the link to receive the $10 coupon after taking the survey. I got onto your site with the email address listed on the bottom of my receipt & clicked onto the site where I'm to take the survey. The instructions are to click on the Dick's link below---I clicked on all words listed & nothing came up to take a survey. I'm confused as to why this site doesn't work & many others are too. Please resolve this. I will speak to the manager at the Dick's store in Pittsburgh! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    hammer72's Picture   hammer72    0 Comments   Comments
  • Example: Racist and Rude

    Today I visited Dicks in Oswego Il and they demonstrated the worst customer service ever. It began by the employee pointing us to a product not wanting to direct us to it. Secondly, they had pricing in the wrong spot and I had to debate with Haley about it until I.requested a manager. Also, to add insult to injury an employee was following us around the store. The same employee that wanted to point to the products. MAYBE TO MANY KIDS WORKING THERE ITS MORE OF A PLAYGROUND NOT A BUSINESS. More...
    Malayah's Picture   Malayah    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service at Dick's

    I went in store yesterday to purchase a trampoline. The night before I went online and they had one on sale for a great price but there was no sale date on it so first thing in the morning I drove 30 miles to the store...to discover it was no longer on sale. I asked if they would honor price from merely 10 hours ago and the guy said no. He didn't try to help me at all. I asked if he could ask store manager. He said he wouldn't be in til later that day and said..."I could call my manager but I'm not going to". I'm sorry I was a manager for 8 years this is not... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    puplover1985's Picture   puplover1985    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    My fiance and I walked into Dicks sporting goods located in the Brandon mall, Fl. We asked for assistance to look at guns and waited for someone to come and assist us. One person came out and said he would be right back. We waited for another 20 minutes for him to return. He never came back. My Fiance went again to ask for help and waited another 10 minutes. We finally walked out without getting any attention. If you are a minority don't shop in this store.. they provide no customer service. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    enu4hofu's Picture   enu4hofu    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unwilling to honor their own guarantee

    Will not do business with Dick's again! They ruined my Christmas with my son. I placed my online order on 12/17 and they guaranteed Christmas delivery if ordered by the 18th. I got my shipped email a couple of days later and immediately tracked it. It showed delivery for the 26th! I immediately called and asked for a replacement order with expedited shipping and a return label for the 1st order. The customer service rep refused and was clod and uncaring about the situation. He said if it doesn't "happen" to show up before than to call back and my order would be free. Of... More...
    klolsen's Picture   klolsen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Intentionally Damaged Apparel

    If you buy expensive rainwear at Dicks, you can be sure to find a hole intentionally poked through it - near the center of your shoulder blades. THIS IS ACTUALLY CORPORATE STORE POLICY!! Dicks has a policy of pinning thei security tags in the middle of the back - of VERY EXPENSIVE Gore Tex Outerware. Other stores (with a clue) put these same tags at the end of a sleeve, etc where they don't poke a hole in a rainsuit!!! I've brought this up to several store managers who understand / agree but are not allowed to circumvent corporate security policy. I know that two store... More...
    DontSPAMMe's Picture   DontSPAMMe    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen Money

    Seriously, don't ever order from %u202ADicks Sporting Good%u202C ! I originally placed an order for a pair of running shoes on November 19th. OVER A MONTH AGO. The same day they took my money out of my account. After FIVE phone calls and numerous mess ups on their end, they have yet to send me the shoes or even refund me my money. Their customer service staff tells nothing, but lies. All you'll hear is "3 to 5 business days." Never order from them unless you like your money stolen. I feel I should consult a lawyer at this point! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    KayOh's Picture   KayOh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never received my exchange item

    I ordered a great hoodie on Black Friday and received it 4 days later with a security tag attached. I called DSG right away and was told I could bring it into the store or send it back and receive a new item. As I live over 2 hours from the nearest store, I chose to send the item in. After 15 days of waiting and 3 contacts with customer service assuring me that my shirt was about to be shipped but that the warehouse was backed up, I received an email with a refund. After two more contacts with customer service, I am told that the item is completely out of stock and there is nothing they... More...
    MelCUpNorth's Picture   MelCUpNorth    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dick's employers completely incompetent!

    About three weeks ago we bough a treadmill in the store in Saugus, MA. Because that particular treadmill was not in the store, we were told we will get a phone call, once they are in the store to schedule a delivery. Three weeks later, still no treadmill nor a phone call. My husband called only to find out that our purchase was not even in their system! We had been promised to get our treadmill before Christmas, if be buy if by December 12th. We bought it before Thanksgiving in November, and still no sigh of the treadmill in my house (today is 12/18). Just want to say how incompetent the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    majatrem's Picture   majatrem    0 Comments   Comments
  • Employees are uninformed on gun purchase laws

    I went in to purchase a shotgun for my grandson. I filled out the forms and after waiting for 30 minutes the employee returned and said that it had to be submitted for further review. He said it could take 6 to 30 days until they got a response and insisted that was the law. I told him the law said "after 3 days if there is no negative response the gun can be sold". He told me that was incorrect. I ask if maybe it was a store policy and he said no it was the law. When I got home I looked it up to be sure I was correct. I was and called him to ask him to look up the law and... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    knothead's Picture   knothead    2 Comments   Comments
  • Dick's Sporting Goods. Rude loud cashier

    Jessica is an extremely rude, loud and obnoxious cashier. There was a problem with the coupon-(known problem. According to her this happens all the time) was told there was nothing she could do. Ask to see a manager. She then calls manager and tells manager there is an irate customer up front. I was not irate just frustrated with the rudeness and unprofessionalism of Jessica. She would not allow me to speak at all and kept talking over me. The manager was clueless about the coupon. After he read the coupon he said I was correct and the coupon was correct but he couldn't fix it.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Heckler14mrs's Picture   Heckler14mrs    0 Comments   Comments
  • Return Policy is BAD

    Purchased a Kayak Cart at Dicks in SAN DIEGO at SPORTS ARENA SQUARE 3265 SPORTS ARENA BLVD. SAN DIEGO, CA 92110 Used it once and found it be a piece of junk. Took it back to Dick's in 30 days and was told I could not return it because it was not new. They say they have a 90 day satisfaction return policy. How can you be satisfied if you haven't had a chance to use it? Manager could care less. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    davidj's Picture   davidj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dick's does not stand behind its merchandise

    Bought a $120 aluminum baseball bat for my 9-year-old son at Dick's last year. Bat broke last week. Should have lasted longer, but I didn't make a big deal about it. Bought a $65 replacement on June 20. He played a game on June 22, and the bat was dented after three ABs. Brought it back to the store on June 24 and they told me they could do nothing for me. I had to ship it back to the manufacturer. Meanwhile my son has games on June 25 and 26. I explained to the store manager this meant I would have to buy another bat. He apologized. That's it. Didn't offer a discount,... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    John95's Picture   John95    1 Comments   Comments
  • Nasty check out clerk

    Went into the rockwall location to buy track shoes, track shoes are not labeled, asked pregnant associate in shoes and she gave me general over there by football and soccer. I make it to the correct location and there are only display shoes no boxes and noone to assist me because the two associates that I had just left are talking to each other. the pregnant one finally looks our way and yells across the room and asks if we found something to try on. I look up to see that she was talkin gto us. I refused to yell back across the room to her. She comes over and my daughter selects 3 pair of... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    zakkensmom's Picture   zakkensmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Return Policys

    WORST POLICY!!!!!!!! Recieved gift costing $100.00 plus tax. All tags and bar codes attached, never worn, still had store creases. Price tags in tact reflecting $ 99.95 Returned gift, told had to be rated as last 90days cheapest price, as no reciept . Given $65,00 gift card TO BE USED IN THEIR STORE....Anyone want a gift card? Cheap..... .. Total loss of $35 to this point. As leaving asked if I needed any help? Checked to insure I still had my wallet...Hello Sports Academy or WalMart!!!!!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    jonsimms's Picture   jonsimms    0 Comments   Comments
  • dicks sporting goods

    dicks customer service sucks bought new rocket balzs golf irons 2months later 9 irion & p/w are rusting went to dicks was told we don't take golf clubs back they are now used you would think that they would have replaced these 2 clubs then take it up with taylor made as they had them on the floor gut there policy is not to take care of the customer so ms self and every one i can tell about this will shop elswhere More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    pgrey's Picture   pgrey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dicks Sporting Good participates in deceptive in-store advertising.

    I went into Dicks to purchase a new backpack for my son who is going into high school this year. The advertisement at the store read "RECEIVE A $10.00 CASH BONUS WITH YOU BACKPACK PURCHASE OF $59.99 OR MORE". My son picked out his backpack, which was $75.00 and I inquired as to the $10,00 Cash Bonus. I was told that it was not a Cash Bonus but rather a $10.00 coupon off my next purchase which would be valid a week after my purchase. I asked the Manager on duty who reiterated the same information. I inquired if they realized that the sign was deceptive to the public and was... More...
    smlevy's Picture   smlevy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dicks Bike department

    I bought a bike accessories for >400$ about 2 weeks ago. Before I could take it to checkout, they performed a 15 minute inspection of it. In spite of this, after I rode it out of the shop, I noticed that the front wheel disc brake was hitting against something, so that I got a noise with every turn of the wheel. It was an expensive bike, and I didn't want to damage it, so I did not ride for about a week until I could take it back to the shop. The guy there was helpful, and he tightened the spokes and adjusted the brake and the noise went away. I rode it back home only to find that... More...
    (Repair Services)
    guthria's Picture   guthria    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor service

    ON 4/07/12 MY WIFE AND TWO GRANDSON and me VISITED YOUR CARMEL IND. STORE.WE liked the store but the service was very poor and i mean very poor.We were shopping in sporting goods we had to wait 20 min for some one to help us that was after me and another customer went looking for help.The store had two salesmen on the top floor one doing all the work while the older salesmen was on the computer.THE younger SALESMEN Were more than to help you if you were 19 to 24 and female. I liked your store but probably not visit your store again. More...
    papajw's Picture   papajw    0 Comments   Comments
  • 6th Man Delivery

    After buying an expensive treadmill from Dicks Sporting Goods Store we thought that an 60.00 for delivery and set up was a great deal. It has turned into a HORRIFIC nightmare. What you are actually paying for is sitting around for TWO Saturdays in a row, waiting on a scheduled delivery that is inevitably late by several hours. Trying to call the 6th Man delivery customer service starts out pleasant enough, then you get to hear the caustic remarks of the Customer service representative when she things you have hung up. Never again and in addition to that TWO of my friends who were... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    MickeyJ's Picture   MickeyJ    2 Comments   Comments
  • merrillville/hobart malle review

    I have shopped at this Dicks Sporting Goods on numerous occasions. One particular employee was especially rude at the merrillville/hobart indiana mall location. The associate name was Kathy Gonzales. She was rude to me and my children in the store. I have a court-ordered restraining order against her but did not know she worked there. Rather than ignoring me, she made demeaning comments and stared at me and my children in an angry way. Thank you for allowing the feedback More...
  • worst shipping service ever and some other issues

    It all started with our original online order getting cancelled so we called in and ordered it again (after we were reassured that the original order was in fact cancelled). 2 weeks later we got the first item delivered - twice! Turns out, somehow the cancelled order got reinstated, and nobody could explain it. Even though the 2nd item in the order had not yet been shipped, Dicks was NOT able to withhold that item but it had to be delivered just for me to turn around and ship it back. A waste of my time and their money.... Lastly, the shipping service Dicks Sporting goods used is... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    sandboot's Picture   sandboot    0 Comments   Comments
  • No Sweat Protection Plan

    On July 1, 2010 I purchased two (2) pop-up canopies. I purchased the “No Sweat Protection” replacement plan for both of them. In November 2010, a leg bent on one canopy and in March 2011, a leg bent on the second canopy. When I inquired about what to do to receive a product replacement card for the full purchase price, I was told that I would receive two shipping labels and if the item was too big to ship, all I had to do was type up a letter stating that the two canopies were too large to ship … of which I did. I pulled the shipping labels off from a website on... More...
    nothappywithu's Picture   nothappywithu    0 Comments   Comments
  • gun dept

    not happy with your erie pa store was lied to by your gun consultant went to buy my grandson his first gun and the box was damaged your clerk told me that it was the only one in the store and he look to make sure everything was there before he retaped it. when my grandson opened it he was so happy to have it. when he opened it all that was there was the rife and nothing more .not happy at all. i spend a lot of money with that store. i cant beleve i was lied to just to make a sale... More...
    jeffrhodes1's Picture   jeffrhodes1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Where is the survey?

    I can not find your survey! I have been assured by your employees that I can receive $10 off on my next $50 purchase by taking this survey. I have spent over $200, nothing was on sale, and you don't give a deal if one pays cash and saves you crewdit card charges. Where is it? How do I access it? Your website is very frustrating to use as is your Rewards site. I would like an answer within the 7 days from 12/11/11. Thank you. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    lsvaw's Picture   lsvaw    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dshonesty

    After sending out several emails because I could not get a hold of anyone and contacting the better business bureau, the district manager for the San Diego area, John Thrasher, called me. He was very apologetic for the total lack of customer service received and for the inconvenience. He offered me a $50 gift card without me asking, and asked it that would make things right. I happily accepted. He also said that someone from corporate would be contacting me who also got one of my emails, and that they may also do something to remedy the situation. His offer was totally independent of... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
  • Cyber Monday "exculsions"

    The Dicks Sporting goods website advertised "25% off a single item" as their Cyber Monday Holiday shopping "Deal". After looking over the website with my son for the exact pair of pants he wanted as a gift, we found that all UnderArmor products were excluded from this deal - not only this brand, but a total of 135 excluded brands were on the list. Was ANYTHING available for 25% off? I can understand a few exclusions, but the list included ALL the major brands Dicks carries - Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Columbia, etc. I will take my money to the local Hibbetts store and... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    ggarrett63's Picture   ggarrett63    0 Comments   Comments
  • Manager confrontational demeanor

    I must say that as a long time Dicks customer I feel you and the board need to be aware of your manager’s confrontational demeanor and disregard for customer retention. I had a very unpleasant confrontation Sunday 11/20 around 2:30pm with your store manager Dave Verhan outside in the parking lot. I hope that you read this in its entirety. I plan on writing the board of directors individually, Edward Stack CEO, William Columbo, Emanuel Chirico, Jacqualyn Fouse, Walter Rossi, Lawrence Schorr, Larry Stone, and Allen Weiss. I was in the market to purchase one of the Benelli shotguns... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    humble2011's Picture   humble2011    0 Comments   Comments
  • My 6th Man Delivery by Dicks Sporting Goods

    If you can, avoid using my 6th man delivery by Dicks Sporting goods, it is a joke! First, they take forever to schedule the delivery becuase they will only be in your area once every 2 weeks. Then, when there is a defective/missing part, they will send you the wrong part twice or not understand what the piece you need is even though it is their product! I have been waiting 3 weeks for a piece to a gym that I bought, and they seriously still dont understand what I need. Not to mention, once they actually send it to me, if that happens, I will need to wait two more weeks for the rude... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    jgjgjgj's Picture   jgjgjgj    8 Comments   Comments
  • $10 coupon for a survey

    I visited the Brockton,Ma. location for Dick's Sporting Goods and I was told by the cashier that if I went online and completed the survey that I would get a coupon for $10.00 off of my next purchase. The cashier was helpful and courteous. After going to the site that is on my receipt it brought me to numerous sites listed with the $10.00 offer. The actual Dick's Sporting Goods site does not have the survey on it much too my surprise. I have completed the online survey for a few other stores and I was able to complete the survey at the stores websites. Why can't Dick's... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ssndllrd's Picture   ssndllrd    1 Comments   Comments
  • survey

    i went online to get the $10 off your next purchase of $50 if you do the survey, i sat trying to get to the site for 3 hour and it send you to every site except to get that $10 coupon. wow dicks is full of it why even offer the $10 if they are going to make it that hard. I WONT PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE FROM DICKS AND I WILL LET ALL MY NEIGHBORS KNOW ALSO. More...
    MARION16's Picture   MARION16    0 Comments   Comments
  • Footwear.

    Okay. Well the Past Two year i have took my Daughter to be Shoes at Dicks Sporting Goods and Both time. Just Not once BOTH times they have had to Order from a Near by store and telling us they would be in 4 days. Well Both times They NEVER called us telling us or stuff was it! I mean we Buy 100 to 150 $ in shoes Both times and they never get back to us and never get our order in! They have done this many times to our family and Honestly were not going to me shopping there for anything. Im very dispointed in the respect they have for there Customers. More...
    Cheyenne127's Picture   Cheyenne127    0 Comments   Comments
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